How long should you wait to send out wedding invitations?

The wedding invitations are one of the most important elements in planning your wedding. It will be the first image that your guests of the event will have, the cover letter of your link and the formal announcement that they are getting married.

Therefore, it is very important that they pay special attention to both the design and the texts for wedding invitations that include and in the production and shipping times, which deserve almost as much dedication as they will put in choosing the wedding dress. It is important to wait to send out wedding invitations at the proper time.


Several moments will mark the agenda when it comes to wedding invitations. The first phase will comprise searching for wedding invitation images for inspiration. There are as many designs as there are wedding flowers to choose from: from the classic blank with handwritten fonts to the new trends that include floral designs, watercolour drawings, images, photographs and different colours. Finding the one that best suits your style is paramount so that these cards reflect your personality and the style of event you will celebrate.

Search for suppliers

Once the design and general information have been defined, they should consult the suppliers to select the service that meets the expectations and the budget that they have allocated to the original wedding invitations. Pay attention to the wedding invitation etiquette surely.

Sketches and final version with the designer

Check out your invitation designer’s creativity times: the more defined your idea, the fewer test sketches you will need and the faster it will be to arrive at a final version of your invitations. Generally, about four weeks that include from the final approval of the design to the validation of printing tests.

invitation design


Once you have in your hands the elegant wedding invitations you dreamed of so much and that these are exactly as requested, comes the most important part: the delivery. If you plan your wedding at least 12 months in advance, ideally it should be delivered four to three months before the event. While they may have gotten the news out long before and even a save the date for your guests to reserve the day, search for the best time for wedding invitations on time will ensure that everyone is well prepared for the wedding. If planning has been hastier, two months might be enough.