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  • bridal headdresses

    Bridal hair down ideas 2020

    More and more brides are opting for a wedding hairstyle with their hair down. Season after season, hairstyles with loose hair are gaining more presence and offer new styles and bridal hair down ideas 2020 to the traditional bridal look. Wearing your hair long and loose brings a lot of […]

  • Tips to make hair shiny and glossy at home

    To have shiny hair and say goodbye to dull hair, there is no need to spend a fortune on hair care. Yes, by rummaging in the kitchen cupboards, there are already plenty of opportunities to restore suppleness and shine to the hair. The proof with these five homemade hair care […]

  • lemon juice

    5 top uses of lemons for hair growth

    If it is renowned for its slimming power, lemon also has fortifying, antibacterial and antioxidant powers, which make it a major ally for the beauty of the hair. Here is the top uses of lemons for hair growth. Hair mask To create a hair mask, mix 1 egg with the […]

  • 10 DIY hair masks to prevent hair loss

    Losing hair is one of the things that weighs most on you, not to mention that sometimes your hair is not as strong as you would like due to poor diet, genetics or everything you do to hair to style it. That is why tips for DIY hair masks to […]