7 trendy wedding hairstyles for short black hair

Because of the shade and structure, dark curls have a number of unique features that are important to remember for brunettes or those who are just planning to dye dark or black. Here are the trendy wedding hairstyles for short black hair.

Dark hair and complexion

Imperfections of the skin, therefore, when making staining in one of the shades of the dark spectrum, it is important to think in advance about the condition of the skin. If you have circles under your eyes or light pigmentation, you will need to get a concealer and a good foundation.

Dark hair and age

Dark curls add age – this is a proven fact. So that after staining you do not feel a few years older, try to choose the minimum dark shade and definitely avoid black – this colour goes only to those who got it at birth!

dark hair

Dark hair structure

Naturally, dark curls are often heavy and sleek. This is very beautiful, but the owners of this type of hair will surely complain to you about the lack of volume at the roots. It is important to consider this feature when choosing a haircut: it is better to give preference to multi-layer structures – a cascade or a ladder.

Dark hair and bangs

It is very important to remember that the mass of dark hair above the eyes can make the look heavy in an instant. If a brunette decides to cut her bangs, a competent master is unlikely to recommend her a thick and straight variation. The best solution would be torn, oblique or asymmetrical bangs – such shapes will soften the effect of a dark shade of hair on the look and expression.


By choosing Venetian highlights as afro wedding hair ideas, a woman transforms her image and refreshes her complexion. The master selects warm, light shades. Their number can reach 4. Shades for example champagne, cognac, and golden are perfect for brunettes. Experts divide the hair into thin strands. Paint is applied to each of them with a brush. The result is a smooth drawing. The consequence of Venetian highlighting will be attractive and shiny hair.


American highlighting is ideal for dark-haired beauties. Foil happens to be a compulsory component of this highlighting. At the time of the process, quite a few colour shades use to be used to the client’s hair. The brunette types of colour will be used a moderate and calm tone or contrasting colours. All it depends on her personal choices.


The method of creative highlighting is called “Salt-Pepper”. Its characteristic feature is frequent and thin white strands against a background of dark hair. This hairstyle looks very extravagant. With her, you can go to a cool party and a walk around the city.

Hair branding

This staining method involves a smooth transition from a darker shade (at the roots) to a lighter shade (tips). Preferably suited for medium to long types of hair.