What Color Highlights Look Best With Blonde Hair?

There are various types of blonde hair colors like platinum, champagne, bubble pink, butter blonde-haired person, and much more highlights look best with blonde hair. However, every color highlights on blonde hair needs maintenance. Some highlights need low maintenance, while some of them require high maintenance.

After getting highlights done, you need to get a regular spa, retouching of roots, and people get busy with their jobs and business don’t get enough time to take care of highlighted hair. Today, we will talk about blonde highlights, which looks best and are low to maintain.

highlights with blonde hair

5 highlights look best with blonde hair

Today, we will talk about some highlights for blonde hair color. In addition, understand why highlights look best with blonde hair.

Dark-bright highlight

Dark-bright highlights suit a person who already has dark hair color. Because it stays for a longer time and needs less maintenance, it is the best way to get customized highlights, which look best on blonde hair.

highlights with blonde hair

Caramel blonde highlight

Caramel blonde highlight is an everyday shade that suits every skin tone and needs less maintenance as it takes a lot of time to fade. That is a plus point for this color, so it is every girl’s favorite color highlight.

Gold blonde highlight

The gold blonde highlight is an evergreen and low maintenance shade that suits every skin tone. It gives a bohemian vibe and looks good, so you should try this color.

White shade blonde highlight

White shade blonde highlight is a lighter shade of platinum highlight. It is a decent shade and looks classy on every girl. It needs a late touch-up after 8-10 weeks.

Ash-blonde highlight

The ash-blonde highlight is the trendiest highlight for blonde hair color. This shade gives warm and cools effects. Instantly changes your looks. Every girl should try this new shade.